Installation guide

I want SquidClamav as c-icap service to be installed and configured the more easier as possible and compatible with the old configuration file. This mean that I voluntary omit some capabilities of c-icap server to preserve a full compatibility with the old squidclamav.conf file.

Requirement, installation and configuration of SquidClamav v6.x and v5.x are not the same so you can find here a link to branch related installation process :

Note that for SquidClamav v6.x there are specials configuration option to use for Squid and SquidClamav. SquidClamav v5.x may not be used today unless you know what you do.

Chaining Squid icap services with squidclamav and qlproxy

Here is the squid.conf configuration options to use if you want to chain qlproxy or other icap services with squidclamav. Note that qlproxy is already an icap server so you need a second one dedicated to squidclamav. Here it is installed on the same host but with a different port: 1345, see Port directive in c-icap.conf.

    icap_enable on
    icap_send_client_ip on
    icap_send_client_username on
    icap_client_username_encode off
    icap_client_username_header X-Authenticated-User
    icap_preview_enable on
    icap_preview_size 1024

    adaptation_send_client_ip on
    adaptation_send_username on

    icap_service qlproxy1 reqmod_precache icap:// bypass=0
    icap_service qlproxy2 respmod_precache icap:// bypass=0
    icap_service squidclamav1 reqmod_precache icap:// bypass=0
    icap_service squidclamav2 respmod_precache icap:// bypass=0

    adaptation_service_chain svcRequest qlproxy1 squidclamav1
    adaptation_service_chain svcResponse qlproxy2 squidclamav2

    adaptation_access svcRequest allow all
    adaptation_access svcResponse allow all

Others installation manual

  • Here you can also find the latest Fedora packages (Source and x86_64) which Oliver build and use.
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